A Catalog keeps a collection of your items together in one version. Catalogs allow you to update versions easily and permit to synchronize items from one catalog version to another, either by copying the entire catalog or by specifying attributes to be moved to another version.

It keeps a collection of your items together in one version. Catalog

Solr Configuration 

Managing Solr Ranges –  Ranged facets for the Solr server can be created for any date or numeric field that supports range queries. With ranges you can put together a series of range queries for prices, dates, etc. Creating range-based facets enables you to target the search results more precisely. The Solr search server supports numeric and date ranges that help you to get the results based on certain conditions. Some properties can be indexed according to the range they belong to. For example, for facet search approach it is convenient to have the price ranges as facets. Read More Solr.

Cron Jobs

CronJobs mean to performing some business logic at particular times and intervals. For example, an administrator might want to perform an inventory every Sunday at midnight, or notify the web administrator every hour between 9 and 5 from Monday to Saturday of the peak loads on the servers. Read More Cron Job


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