Detail About Hybris Catalog

Hybris catalogs are dynamic, powerful and provide a high level of flexibility.
Catalogs allow you to update versions easily and permit to synchronize items from one catalog version to another, either by copying the entire catalog or by specifying attributes to be moved to another version.

One popular way to use catalogs is to have a staging and an online catalog containing identical products. Products are kept in the staging catalog until considered ready for general release and are then synchronized into the online catalog version. Products in the staging catalog are still available in the live system, but are only visible to administrators or to authorized users with appropriate personalization settings. As soon as products are considered ready for release, the catalog version can be updated and (all or selected) items are synchronized to the online catalog version. Restrictions can be set up, so customers can only view Products in the online catalog whereas users may only edit products which are part of the staging catalog. This way a staging or testing environment can be set up allowing us to view Products, add them to shopping carts etc. before they are finally released to customers.

To implement a Attribute item that can be staged and later released, we need to:
• Make the Attribute Type catalog aware in the items.xml of the YourExtensionTrail, so that we can set a catalog version on it
• Create a Attribute item with the catalog version (and id) and set the version to be Default:Staged initially
• Synchronize the Attribute Item so that we have an online catalog version of the Attribute Item
• View the read / write permissions of the Attribute Item in the Extension admin panel and notice that the Attribute items in the online catalog are read-only
• Log in to the Extension frontend and you will notice that no restrictions are in place meaning that both versions of the Attribute item are visible
• Add a Personalisation Rule for type Attribute and user group extensionplayers so that only Attribute items of the online catalog version are visible


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