Solr Ranges

You can create value range sets for a given data type. They are parent items that group the value ranges of the same type. The following types are allowed: string, int, double, float, and date. Having defined the range sets, you normally want to fill them with the actual value ranges. They are simple items, consisting of name, from, and to value.

How to manage the Ranges?
1. Navigate to the Ranges node in the hMC (System>Facet search>Ranges).
2. Click the Ranges node to access the list of all available range sets. You can list all available range sets or display only a subset of all ranges that matches specific search criteria. It is possible to perform a search to find the necessary ranges as well as to manage them, modify, delete, or create new ones.

How to create the Ranges?

  1.  To create a new range set right-click the Ranges node and select Create Set of ranges from the context menu.
  2.  The Ranges tab appears with Facet search configuration and Range values sections. In the Name field provide a name for your configuration.
  3. In the Facet search configuration select an existing configuration by right-clicking the table and selecting Add facet search configuration. In the new window search for the configuration you are interested in and select this one from the Results section.
  4. To create a value range provide the Type first and then right-click on the table and select Create Value range from the context menu.
  5. Provide a name of the Range set for example prices, name for the specific range, for example 0-49.999 and From: and To: values, for example 0 and 49.999. When done, click Save.
  6. The fully created range set is now displayed.

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